Sunday, January 10, 2010

French Cheese Fondue

Or also known as Fondue Savoyarde,  is perfect for a cold winter day!

It is chilly in these parts and I was inspired by The Passionate Foodie's post about the Beacon Hill Bistro now offering Fondue as part of their Sunday Evening menu. Apparently this offering begins today and will last through much of the winter. Click the BHB logo below for more information.

Cheese fondue is not hard to make and doesn't take much time. You should have however an enamel or cast iron fondue pot instead of a metal one. The latter is better for meat fondues cooked in oil or broths.

Pair a Fondue Savoyarde with a roasted chicken and a salad and you won't feel so overstuffed at the end of your meal. Here are some snapshots of our dinner tonight and the recipe below....

French Cheese Fondue

What's better on a winter night than bread, potatoes ...

See French Cheese Fondue on Key Ingredient.

Click HERE for more information on the history of cheese fondue and its variations.