Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Restaurant find in NYC

Growing up, my brother and I constantly heard from our father the
value of living by the 7 P's.
Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

As a child it looked like for a lot of years as though this concept
was never going to hit home for me. Well at some point in my college
days it clicked and I have been an annoyingly prepared person ever
since. I fully know that I am never so annoying as during the
preparation to eat out in a city I am visiting. Just ask my husband.
As you all know I am in NYC for the night to attend the Martha Stewart
Show tomorrow and since I am with a dear friend I thought I'd be kind
and not freak her out with my obsessive restaurant research. So while
going with the flow we stumbled upon a restaurant on our way to one of
my old NYC haunts. It looked inviting. The decore was comfy and it was
moderately populated with seemingly educated people. So we gave it a
try. And we're so glad we did. I will write up a full review when I
get home from New York and can type it up on my computer instead of my