Thursday, January 14, 2010

What do you read?

Of course a great question - always a great question- to ask any blogger is... what other blogs do you read? When posed this question by Martha, Jennifer and Alexis had very different answers.

Jennifer wanted to take the Sarah Palin route by saying she read everything but when pressed, came up with her top two. While I am close enough to interrupt the conversation by asking a question, I think I will refrain and instead guess that when Jennifer said she reads Rosie's Blog she means Rosie O'Donnell. I say this because Jennifer is witty and full of snark - perhaps like RD. She also says she reads the Daily Beast which I am pretty sure I got right.
Daily beast
Rosie's Blog

Alexis claims she doesn't read blogs and goes to just a few websites. She reluctantly agreed that she goes to Epiciurious, Saveur, Donna Hay, but really? She doesn't read blogs but writes one? Hum. That's no fun!

I'd love to know what blogs all of you read? Give me a shout - I always love new finds!