Friday, March 26, 2010

Please share this wealth...

and tune in tonight to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. If you missed the preview segment that aired last Sunday, click the link in my left side bar to find it online. Having volunteered a few times during lunch at my children's school, I am pretty upset about what is put in front of our kids and called a meal. It is crap. So we pack our lunches at home. But Jamie has a point about the need to TEACH our kids ABOUT FOOD. Not just serve them something decent to eat, but to educate them on why they should eat some things and not others. This family has always had a food revolution going on here. We always eat fresh not processed. We cook at home. We try new things.

I could get preachy about
  • Hiding nutrients in other foods because you think just getting the food item into your kid is the important thing. I am talking about the way some parents think they are cleverly getting broccoli into their kids by baking it into a brownie. News flash: they're never going to like broccoli and they really should like broccoli. It's fantastic even with out sugar on it.
  • The role condiments play in getting children to eat food.
  • Letting your kids treat mom like a short order cook.
But I won't. I am sure you can imagine what I'd say.