Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time to eat!

If you love to eat, and since you're here reading this I imagine you do, dining at fine restaurants is such a treat. Eating something prepared by another person is not only a satisfying pleasure but also an inspiring experience for those of us who like to concoct things in our own kitchens. For me eating out is a watch and learn kind of thing. I love to examine how dishes are plated, how ingredients are paired, and how flavors work together. However, eating out at regular intervals can get expensive. I collect names of restaurants like I collect names of good books. When one is recommended to me, it goes on the list, which for books, sits on my bedside table and for restaurants ends up in a note on my iPhone.

If you are like me, with a long list of restaurants you are eager to try, rev up those engines, it's time to knock a few off that list. Boston's 2010 Winter Restaurant Week is coming up soon and this year there are over 216 participating restaurants to please the palate. Area restaurants will be offering fabulous meals at fixed discounted prices for the weeks of March 14 - 19 and March 21- 26. Two course lunches will be $15.10, three course lunches will be $20.10 and three course dinners will be $33.10 per person.

The website will provide you several different ways to search for restaurants participating in Boston's 2010 Winter Restaurant week and there will also be some links to OpenTable for restaurants using that site for reservations. You can even find information about discounted parking during Restaurant Week!

Happy eating!